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Hey ho, today will be just a short report ^^ Nice weather gave us the opportunity for a little sightseeing. And you can probably imagine where we went to ^^ Again to Switzerland xD To Zug. The funny thing is that in German “Zug” means “train”.

So in the center of this city was the Zugersee, in English it’s called Lake Zug. Beautiful, I tell you ^ ^ If you are there, you will not only see the lake, but also the mountain in the background. The view is just amazing! Therefore, it is not surprising that we spent quite a lot of time at this lake.

At first I was ashamed

Meanwhile I don’t worry about the wheelchair anymore. I want to be honest with you, in the beginning I was so ashamed of the wheelchair and always worried that people who were on the road with me might have been ashamed of it. But now I don’t see it like that anymore. Because there were still enough people (family, friends) who went out with me and were not ashamed. Then why should I? I was and am grateful to have such a great environment and hope that you also have a supportive environment.

The Zyttower

But back to the touristic themes. We did not miss the chance to catch a glimpse at the Zytturm, a 52-meter-high tower that served as a fire watch tower for a long time. But the special thing about this tower is its two clocks. Yes, this tower has two clocks on the facade xD One is a normal clock for the time and the other one is an astronomical clock with 4 pointers. There is an arrow, a crescent moon, a sun and the letter S. Below you can see a small table, what the pointers stand for:

Zyttower Zug Switzerland PlaneSpoken
ArrowCurrent day of the week
Letter SLeap year

Everything has a history for me

When we visit cities, we always find many places of interest for us. Because even the simplest buildings have a history and can be interesting. But maybe my Asian ancestry also plays a role, which is why we always have to take a picture in front of several buildings.

Things I learned today:

1) “Zug” can refer to a train (German translation) or the city in Switzerland
2) The Zugger lake has a beautiful scenery
3) The citys official homepage can be found here:

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