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What the heck is an “escape room”?

As the title already reads, this post is about my experience in an escape game/room. For those of you who don’t know what this is:

“Escape the room, also known as room escape or escape game, is a subgenre of point-and-click adventure game which requires a player to escape from imprisonment by exploiting their surroundings. The popularity of these online games has led to the development of real-life escape rooms all around the world. (Source:

Always inform yourself about the accessibility

For my birthday I got a voucher for exactly that kind of experience. Using a wheelchair meant that I had to take some preparations in advance. Not being sure if I can enter the room for the game that easily, I had to contact the place first. Yes, this is annoying xD As a person with a handicap you need to inform yourself about everything, like literally everything! So I wrote an email, contacting them and asking about it. And it was good to ask, because I got an email that said, that the room is on the second floor and that the elevator is quiet small, which means that my wheelchair couldn’t be wider than 90 cm. Those are the little things that a normal walking person wouldn’t have to consider.

A small elevator

Luckily my wheelchair was small enough to fit in the elevator. Of course my cousin had to book the room for the game beforehand and so we started our adventure. We rang the doorbell and reached the small elevator. The elevator was cramped and we had to rearrange the wheelchair so the doors could close. Good thing I asked beforehand. If I would have come with my electric wheelchair, I wouldn’t have been able to enter the lift. So in order not to spoil everything I will just give you guys a rough overview.

We were introduced to the game and were given a preparation time of roughly 30 minutes. The rules were explained and so the riddle could start. In this escape game we didn’t had to get out of the room but we had to find a secret elixir. The room had many hidden secrets, mysteries and mechanisms so it was very enjoyable to discover every single one of them. I’m not going to spoil you, all I can say is that I had a lot of fun and can recommend it to everyone who likes to solve riddles or who wants to experience a new way of entertainment.

And last but not least, it doesn’t matter if you are handicapped or not because everyone can experience that exit game and play it! It is simply important to inform yourself about the accessibility of the room, then nothing should stand in your way of fun!

Things I learned:

1) Always inform yourself about the accessibility
2) It doesn’t matter if you are using a wheelchair, because you can still enjoy an escape

2 Replies to “A new way of entertainment – escape rooms”

  1. Accessibility is improving and hopefull it will reach to every corner of the planet so that people in wheechairs can go anywhere thta is possible to do so.

    Probably a great idea for this organisation to host the internal measurements of the lift on their website so that other people will get the information.

    Great read, thanks!

    1. I hope so too =) That’s a good point you have there regarding the information. I’m glad you enjoyed reading this article and thank you for the feedback!

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