Hellooo everyone ^^ In the “About-me” box on the first page you guys could already read a little about me. On this page you can find out even more about the person behind this blog, it’s not called “About me” for nothing ;P

As you may have already found out, my name is Simone. And you can see on the pictures that I’m sitting in a wheelchair. But that wasn’t always the case … unfortunately I suffered a stroke which would change my life forever. Thanks to the support of my family, friends and acquaintances I was able to regain my joy of living. After the stroke, I thought my life was completely over. I couldn’t even walk anymore…and the fact that I was now in a wheelchair…how should I pursue my passion, travelling?

But slowly I was able to make small trips, I was even able to sleep over at friends places and at some point I was in China as a wheelchair user. That’s when I realized you can travel and have fun despite your disability. And that’s exactly why I created this blog, it should serve people (disabled as well as non-disabled, relatives, friends and all kinds of other people) as a little orientation on how “travelling” with a wheelchair can be done and also take away people’s fear of travelling in a wheelchair. Soo, and since there are enough people who don’t like to read so much text, I will say goodbye here and hope to see you back on my site soon ^^

And why is my blog now called ‘Plane-Spoken’? Plane-Spoken is a wordplay based on ‘plainspoken’ because I will tell you ‘plainspokenly’ what challenges await me in a wheelchair =)