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Every 2 years the fair “Rehab” takes place in Karlsruhe concerning rehabilitation, therapy, care and inclusion. As a person with limited mobility, who is currently dependent on a wheelchair, this fair is just the right thing! Because there are many exhibitors who just want to present their latest invention and there are enough people waiting for such inventions – just like me xD But from the beginning:

Tickets for the fair can be purchased online. However, I have discovered that many exhibitors give away tickets to the fair for free! Usually the necessary information can be found on the exhibitor’s homepage. So I got a ticket for one parent, the second parent counts as my accompanying person and can go to the fair free of charge. I didn’t want to be so brazen, so I bought a ticket for myself – which was discounted because I had the disabled person’s pass xD

Parking spaces? None at all

Arrived on the site, we discovered that all disabled parking spaces were already occupied xD It didn’t take long and we saw the first wheelchair users. I admit, somewhere it was quite funny to see so many wheelchair users at once. At this year’s Rehab, up to 460 exhibitors from 21 countries presented their latest rehabilitation, orthopaedics and medical technology products as well as innovations for care and therapy. So the fair was very big and there was a lot to see.

A wheelchair that can climb stairs

So I discovered a booth that had a small staircase standing around and two people each sitting in a pretty spacy wheelchair. Now the wheelchair didn’t just look cool, the person sitting there was just driving up the stairs with it! A wheelchair that can climb stairs? How awesome is that?

In the beginning I just stood there, mentally I was already thinking whether the wheelchair could be tested…and when one of the employees was free, I simply asked. And yes, it is possible to test the wheelchair *_* Unfortunately, the control for the wheelchair was on the side of my paralyzed arm, so I let myself drive up to the stairs xD

So, now I stood there in front of the steps, I got a little nervous after all…they showed me quickly which keys I had to activate and I was ready to go. The panic took hold of me xD The wheelchair went up and so did I. It was unfamiliar, but unique and fascinating. But quite high and that was just strange for me. I quickly informed the employee that he could now take over the control so that I had one hand free to hold on. I think it’s just a matter of getting used to ^^ Funnily enough, I was sitting in a prototype that was additionally steered by an X-Box controller. For all of you who are now interested, the wheelchair is called “Scewo Bro”.

Here’s a video of the stair climbing wheelchair

If you click on this video, you will be connected to YouTube

Another cool discovery

But that wasn’t the only invention that blew my mind. Do you know these pulling devices? Electric things that can “pull” you around in a wheelchair? I was allowed to test out just such a thing. It actually looks like the front part of a city scooter and has a button for acceleration and braking on both sides. I tested the “Unawheel Mini” and was simply thrilled, especially because the device is narrow and compact. Since I like to be on the go, this would be ideal!

If you click on this video, you will be connected to YouTube

Otherwise I had to fight a pretty long queue in front of the toilet xD Normally a wheelchair user rarely stands in line when the toilet calls, but on that day I really had to wait forever xD

Well, those were my impressions from the Rehab fair in Karlsruhe. I hope I was able to give you an interesting insight and hope that you will be there again next time ^^ Until the next post – which will again be dedicated to trips and journeys ^^

Things I learned:

  1. Exhibitors often give away free tickets
  2. There are always many innovations shown at the fair and some of them can also be tested
  3. Here I had to line up like every normal person for the toilet.

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