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Are you interested in old vehicles? Then maybe the technical museum in Sinsheim, which was opened in 1981, is something for you =)

The technology museum in Sinsheim

Since I completed my apprenticeship in a technical field, a school trip to the Museum of Technology in Sinsheim seemed to be the right choice. Already from a distance we could see the exhibited airplanes – in front of and around the building.

Wheelchair accessibility

But first about the organizational things: Severely handicapped persons pay the reduced price for ” children up to 14 years ” on showing the severely handicapped person’s identity card and one accompanying person receives free admission with the note “B” (meaning accompanying person required). And while we’re on the subject, I can tell you that the museum is 95% barrier-free. The entire area (including the cinema) is also accessible by electric wheelchair and there are wheelchair accessible toilets. Now to the reason why there is a 5% deduction.

The non-accessible part

Unfortunately, a small part of the exhibition is not accessible by wheelchair. There are a few reasons for this: some of the exhibits are located on galleries that are not barrier-free or you have to climb a spiral staircase to get into the exhibition aircraft. But there is a wheelchair lift in order to be able to reach different areas better. However, I didn’t know that at that time, I only discovered this fact during my research. Sometimes it can be useful to visit the operator’s website and look at the FAQs.

All kinds of cars

That brings us to the exhibition. No matter if with or without wheelchair, most of it was easy to look at. Of course, there were also matching information signs. As already mentioned at the beginning there are airplanes, but also all kinds of cars, from vintage cars to racing cars and on to mechanical musical instruments and war weapons. Occasionally there were also machines/automatic machines in which one could throw some money in order to make them work. So I didn’t miss the chance to “steer” a tank xD Of course I didn’t sit in the tank, but could steer the gun barrel and the direction (forward/backward) of the tank from the outside.

A cinema was also available

In between we could watch a movie in the IMAX 3D cinema. The screen was extremely high! I was lucky that my classmates carried me to the seat, otherwise it would have been a really exhausting time for my neck. But maybe we could have asked an employee for an alternative place and entrance.

And here is a video for those who don’t like to read

If you click on this video you will be connected to YouTube

Things I learned

1) The museum in Sinsheim is almost completely wheelchair accessible
2) You can get the key for the wheelchair lift at the ticket office against deposit
3) It is worthwhile to check the FAQ page of the operator to get information about accessibility
4) Under this link you can find information about the accessibility:

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