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This day was a first. It’s the first time I’ve gone outside after the stroke. It’s the first time I’ve gone public. It’s the first time I went outside with a wheelchair.

Go for it!

Due to the operation, the doctors had shaved off all my hair. My mum was so nice to get me a wig xD But seriously, the first time outside with a wheelchair made me nervous. I was worried that people would stare at me. I was seriously ashamed to go outside just because I was disabled. I was afraid. I was worried. What would other people think when they see me?

My self-esteem was very low back then. Now, 7 years later I couldn’t care less. But that’s another story ;D What I want to say is that there is nothing to be afraid of, or to be ashamed of. So what if you are outside on the streets and someone looks? Sure it may be unpleasant, but you are just a normal person who wants to enjoy life. And this is what you should do! If you go out again and again, you will automatically be able to ignore the looks of others .You won’t even notice it. Try it ^^ Go outside, enjoy your time and don’t pay attention to anyone. You will gain confidence!

The sydney wildlife zoo

But back to the actual topic xD I had the opportunity to go on a trip. Although I was worried, I eventually went with my mum to the’ Wildlife Sydney Zoo’. The zoo located at the harbor, near the bridge. It’s a rather small zoo/park, divided into 10 sections that house the following animals: koalas, kangaroos, crocodiles, snakes, butterflies , Birds, Wombats, Wallabies, Sugar gliders, Platypus, Tailed Devil, Quokkas, Spiders and Bees. There are not many animals, but those are typical Australian animals ^ ^ And so we looked around the zoo. The zoo is definitely wheelchair accessible and you can go anywhere. I have to admit, I regret not holding the koala bear. At that time, it was just embarrassing for me in a wheelchair. Today I would go to the compound at any time and hug the koala bear. Who knows, maybe I’ll get this opportunity someday ^^ Anyway, we got through the zoo quiet quickly, so we went to Sea Life, which was right next to the zoo.

Moving on to the sea life sydney aquarium

The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium has the world’s largest collection of Australian marine life. On the homepage (link can be found again at the end of the text) you can read which animals are there. The most impressive thing was probably the walk-in glass tunnel. From there you had a great look at the animals. But somehow the sea life was quite small … or my perception was a bit bad xD I don’t know but it was barrier-free and can be visited without problems.

Anyways, that was my first trip in a wheelchair. Although I want to mention here that a staff member of the hospital wanted to go with me to Bondi Beach … unfortunately we never made it until then, because I almost threw up xD What a shame, but that’s another thing for me to do in the future then ^^

And here is a short Video

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Here are the links to the attractions:

And three things I learned today:
1) You should overcome your fear and go outside, then it becomes a habit
2) The “Wildlife Sydney Zoo” and “Sea Life” are barrier-free
3) I should have hugged the koala bear, how often does such an opportunity

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