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And once again we left for Switzerland. As I said, since my rehab was right on the border, it offered the ideal conditions to have a look at Switzerland.

And because we always like to check out big cities, this time we picked out Lucerne. So we just entered Lucerne city center into the sat nav and off we went. Once there, we noticed a large wooden bridge. And indeed, it is one of the city’s major tourist attractions.

The Chapel Bridge

It is called the “Chapel Bridge” and is the oldest as well as the second longest covered wooden bridge in Europe – being 203 meters long. But the really special things about the bridge are the triangular pictures that adorn the bridge. These are located in the gable; there are 111 paintings that represent important scenes of Swiss history.

Always bring your Euro-Key

But it’s not so easy to get on the bridge as a wheelchair user. Because to get on the bridge you have to overcome a few steps. And for exactly that reason, I prefer to travel in an active/pushing wheelchair. Like this you won’t be so heavy and you can ask people for help. But that’s just my opinion, everyone can decide for themselves with what he/she wants to be on the road. However, I later found out that there is a lift that can be operated with the Euro key.

Then we strolled through the city and arrived at a lake. The view here was just beautiful ^^ You have the lake and in the background the mountains. So we settled down for a while and enjoyed the scenery. I think by now I could ignore my fear of being seen in a wheelchair. At some point you just don’t care anymore and you won’t not even notice it when people are looking at you xD It kind of bounces off you.

Here is a video again 😀

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Things I learned:

1) The Chapel Bridge is a wooden bridge and a popular tourist attraction due to the 111 paintings in the gable.
2) However, you cannot get onto the bridge in the wheelchair on your own
3) I can’t repeat it often, but the more often you go out in a wheelchair, the less you feel ashamed.

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