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I was back in Germany for a while and was able to acclimatize accordingly. In order to get back on my feet, I was meanwhile in a rehabilitation clinic at the southernmost point of Germany, the “Hegau Jugendwerk” in Gailingen. And of course we (my family) did not miss the chance to explore the area touristically. So what is around here? Since we were very close to the Swiss border, there were many Swiss attractions, including the Rhine Falls.

A big waterfall

This is one of the three largest waterfalls in Europe. You can look at it from two different sides, namely from the north side and once from the south side. On the northern side you can look at the waterfall head-on, if you are on the southern side, you will be “behind” the waterfall. We were on the northern side, where you can walk along a promenade and enjoy the view. Luckily the road was paved and therefore pleasant to drive / push.

But of course there is more to see than just the waterfall. There is a restaurant, an exhibition, an adventure trail and boat tours in different variants. You can see the Rhine Falls up close by taking a round trip in the Rhine Falls basin or a boat ride to the rocks in its midst and climb up the rock. Unfortunately, I cannot report about that, as I have always looked at the waterfall only from the promenade. But the view was enough for me back then ^ ^

Advantages with a disabled’s person pass

Oh yes, if you are in possession of a severely handicapped ID card, you can drive down to the Rhine Fall basin directly. It is all accessible and you can enjoy it easily! And so I could gain an experience more, even though I was not so fit xD Believe me, riding a car at that time made me nauseous, but as you know – practice makes perfect =)

Here is a video:

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Things I learned:

1) The rhine falls is one of the three biggest waterfalls in Europe
2) With a severely handicapped ID card, you can drive down to the Rhine Fall basin directly
3) If you want to inform yourself about th eaccessibility, then feel free to check out this link:

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