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You want to go speedboating, but you can’t walk? No problem, because that’s not an obstacle! That’s exactly what I was able to find out today ^^

When I was still in rehab, an activity was suggested to us by the social pedagogue – speed boating! Speedboat? Is that even possible for a wheelchair user? Yes it is! How, was not clear to me at that time yet, because I had the picture that one sits on the edge of the boat and clings to it. But now I know better and I would like to share my experience with you so that you can grasp this opportunity when it is arising.

Was that a good decision?

Full of anticipation, we set off for Lake Constance, where everything would take place. First we got our safety vests, a strange feeling of anxiety started to spread in me, was it a good decision to do this? Can I do that without any problems? I have a certain basic stability in my body, but what if I accidentally fall into the water? Well, now it was already too late xD

Okay, so how does the whole thing work?

With my wheelchair I drove as close as possible to the boat and then stood up. So, now I was standing there xD Since I could not move, the staff heaved me into the speedboat. And behold, my worries were for nothing, because there were mounted seat shells in which one could sit down. So one part of our group sat on the seats while the other part sat on the boat’s edge, as I had originally imagined.

Let’s start 😀

When everyone was on board, the boat set off! There is a reason you call it “Speed” -boat =) The boat was getting faster and the wind stronger, which was absolutely convenient in this hot weather. Again and again it felt like the boat was bouncing. Woah and when we got into a curve the boat really got laterally xD For a short moment I wondered if you could fall out of there. Fortunately nothing happened xD But I can tell you, it was an amazing experience and has been a lot of fun. Who would have thought that I would ever enjoy a speedboat ride xD If you ever get the chance, do it, otherwise you might regret it ;D

Things I learned:

1) You can ride a speedboat even if you can’t walk
2) There are fixed seats that provide stability

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