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Stein am Rhein – our next excursion destination! This town is known for its picturesque old town. Old Town? By now, most alarm bells ring in the head of a wheelchair user. Because sidewalks in an old town are always so bad for driving due to all the cobblestones. But let me tell you, it’s only half as wild ^^

Let’s go to switzerland

It was weekend and therefore time for a new trip! Through researches we came across the city “Stein am Rhein” (also known as “stone”). Stein is a municipality in Schaffhausen. That means it is very close to Gailingen, where my rehab center was located. Therefore, it was not long before we sat in the car on our way there.

The old town is really beautiful. Anyone interested in architecture and culture will be happy here. There are many well-preserved medieval half-timbered houses with façade paintings that can be found around the Town Hall Square in the Old Town. In some houses you will find very different shops, meaning there are restaurants and inns, small souvenir shops and cafes. And indeed the paths were all cobbled. But they were quite even, because there was hardly any deepening and thus the trip turned out to be sustainable xD

But since it is a smaller town, you will probably only spend half the day here. However, I’m sure there are people from other countries who could consider the “Old Town” eternal ^^ And so our trip to the “stone” was already over and it went back to rehab.

Here is a video:

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Things I learned today:

1) “Stein am Rhein” is famous for its picturesque old town
2) “Stein am Rhein” is also only called “Stein” (engl.trans. “stone”)
3) Old towns always have cobblestone paths

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