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If you are interested in museums of a special kind, you should take a closer look at the Technorama in Winterthur (once again Switzerland xD). The Technorama is a science and exhibition center distributed on three levels, in which “touching” is allowed and desired.

A science center

Starting in the foyer you will be greeted with small experiments right away, that you should touch and do yourself. The Motto here is clear – try as much as you can! The Technorama is one of the largest science centers in the world, so it’s not surprising that you might come here several times. At least we did that ^^

You can also try things out in your wheelchair

Of course, there are signs at each experimental stand that explain why what happened and make you playfully acquire knowledge. Unfortunately, you cannot do all the experiments as a wheelchair user, but there are enough things that you can do while sitting down =) But even if one could do nothing, there are always performances that also explain scientific processes. You should not miss them because the shows are very interesting and funny.

I liked the Technorama so much that I actually went there a second time (as already mentioned). This time I also went to one of the labs. Here it looks like in the chemistry rooms and there are books with experiment instructions. Of course, all utensils and ingredients are available and you can start straight with the work and try out some experiments with the help of the instructions.

So if you go to this museum / exhibition, you should definitely take your time. Everyone will find something interesting here ^^

And here’s a video if you are too lazy to read

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Things I learned today

1) The Technorama is a science and exhibition center distributed on three levels
2) Touching is a “must” here
3) As a wheelchair user you cannot do all the experiments, but there are enough things you can do in a wheelchair
4) Here’s the link to th ehomepage:

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