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Hello there, dear ones =) Today we visited the natural history museum Schloss Rosenstein in Stuttgart. Yes, it’s a museum located in a castle ^^ If you didn’t know, the Natural History Museum is divided in two buildings, the other building is the Museum at the Löwentor. There will also be a report about this ;D

How to get free entrance

But now to Rosenstein Castle: as in probably all state museums, you get free admission with a severely handicapped pass and, if appropriately marked in your pass, you can take an accompanying person with you free of charge.  But even if you don’t have a disabled person’s pass, you may still be able to enjoy free admission. All you have to do is to check the homepage, at the moment everyone can get free entry on Wednesday afternoon from 1 pm.

Five areas of the museum

As already mentioned, it is a natural history museum which is divided into 5 areas:

This room deals with the development of living beings. A very eye-catching exhibit is the dermoplasty (preparation procedure) of an African elephant in the middle of the room.

Diversity of life: Here you get an overview of the most important animal and plant groups.

Native habitats: Animals (from butterflies to red deer) from southwest Germany are presented here.

Mammals of the sea: Information about dolphins, sharks, crocodiles can be found here. Also worldwide unique, a model of a 13m long Sei whale (its skeleton is real) with reconstructed inside. At a closer look you can see the model of a whale baby ^^

Earth’s habitats: 5 staged halls representing the Earth’s large landscape zones.

In addition to the exhibits, there are also buttons/switches that could be used to watch videos or listen to explanations. Also a “smell automat” with different smells, which one could test even in the wheelchair, was present. In general, I could observe everything in the wheelchair without any problems!

A wheelchair accessible toilet was also available. What I found quite amusing, however, was the fact that the disabled toilet had been occupied by an employee. Well…it is difficult to say how to react in such a situation. Should I have spoken to her? Or should I never mind? I chose the latter. What would you have done in such a situation?

My assistant and I finished our visit to the museum and started looking for a place to have lunch. Do you like going to museums? Leave a comment and I hope to see you again when I publish my next post.

And here is a video 😀

You will be connected to Youtube if you click on the video

Things I learned:

1) The Natural History Museum Stuttgart is divided into two buildings
2) On certain days all visitors can enter free of charge
3) And here is the link to the homepage:

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