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Today was not a city trip to ^^ Today we went to Lake Constance, more precisely to the stilt houses. And for those of you who wonder what stilt houses are, here’s a definition from Wikipedia:

“Stilt houses are wooden structures on poles in rivers, in lakes, in swamps or on the sea.”

A Unesco World Heritage Site

The stilt houses are part of the Unesco world culture heritage and are located directly at Lake Constance. There you can also find a museum, which automatically includes a guided tour. So let’s get ready =) Also, there are disabled parking spaces right next to the museum, so it can be assumed that the museum is barrier-free.

Let’s start the journey

We started with a little tour through the museum building, where we could see some exhibits with information boards. Afterwards there was a short film as an introduction. It showed us what it looked like on the ground of Lake Constance and how divers worked on the lake dwellings. Finally, an employee gave us a guided tour. In fact, there was also a separate path that you could walk/drive along as a wheelchair user.

The lake dwelling settlements date back to the Stone and Bronze Age (4,000 to 850 BC). There are different stations and so the employee guided us through the different areas and explained a lot about the history. Houses from different eras were reconstructed with dolls and there were information boards for reading, animals were also reconstructed. Everything was easily accessible for wheelchair users. Just great!

It was very interesting to see these houses. But one should keep in mind that these are replicas. Nevertheless, it is worth a visit, because you don’t see that very often!

Here’s a video again ;D

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Things I learned:

1) The stilt houses are barrier-free
2) The stilt houses in Unterhuldingen are replicas
3) Information about the accessibility can be found here:

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