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Who would have thought that I was able to go out and experience something? Personally I didn’t xD But it is thanks to all the support that I got better. A big thank you goes to my mother, who was with me in Australia and made the trips with me. We also owe a lot to a friend; he always helped us wherever possible. But enough of the credits xD

The sydney tower

As you can already tell from the headline, we went to the Sydney Tower today. A TV and observation tower, which is located at the harbor where you can also find the zoo and aquarium. Well … which TV tower is not a lookout tower? The tower is 309m high, however, the viewing platform is located at 251m altitude.

You can easily reach the viewing platform in a wheelchair. Apparently it goes even higher, but back then I was not so fit that I could have done it. In any case, you can find all kinds of information on the website. If you buy the tickets online, you can save a quiet a high sum ^^ I will post the link at the end of the entry. Speaking of admission, accompanying person is, of course, free, if you need a companion (identification in severely handicapped card) and the normal admission is discounted.

You get up here by using the elevator. In addition to the beautiful view, you can also enjoy really fine food. And then there is the highest functioning postbox in the southern hemisphere. You can try and send a postcard from here =)

Back to the ground

After spending enough time in dizzy heights, it was time to return to the ground. It didn’t took us long and we were already on our way to the next attraction, the world famous Opera House. We just looked at it from the outside, but on the homepage you can read that everything is barrier-free.

So yea, it’s actually not that much. But back then it was a nice change of scenery and I was very happy to see something else of Australia beside the hospital. Although I had a stroke there, I had a very good time in Australia. Generally everyone is so nice and friendly, for that reason I don’t have bad memories of this country.

And here is a video 😀

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