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It was sunny and warm, a perfect day to see Zurich! We passed the airport and drove directly into the city center; where we searched like crazy for a disabled parking space. In Germany, you will mostly have signs that identify such a parking lot. So our eyes were always searching for the sign at eyelevel. Too late, we noticed that the mark in Switzerland was found on the ground xD Anyway, this was our observation, but maybe there are signs at eyelevel somewhere else in Switzerland.

The limmat swimming

On foot or rather by wheelchair we looked at the city center. By then we came across a river … in which people sat on inflatable ducks and let themselves drift from the river? Many people swam around xD Is this normal? Actually not xD Totally weird and funny, in my opinion. But after my research I can say that this spectacle is called the Limmat swimming. “Limmat” is the name of the river and once a year you can swim in it, which is otherwise forbidden.

About the history: The Limmatswimming first took place in 1945. Generations of citizens followed the call “Everybody in Zurich should have swum the Limmat once in their lives.” And so the Limmatswimming established itself. Every year they give out inflatable animals. There were already butterflies, crocodiles and many more. And this year it should be ducks. And so we stood by the river and watched the hustle and bustle.

Later we looked at the Swiss National Museum from the outside, because it happened to be close by xD Oh yea, the train station is also nearby. And so we just walked around and absorbed the impressions of this city.

And here is a video:

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Things I learned today:

1) In Switzerland you will find the markings for severely handicapped parking spaces on
the ground
2) In Zurich there is the Limmat Swimming, where you float on an inflatable animal in the
river Limmat.
3) More information about the Limmat swimming can be found here:

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