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It’s time for some daring adventure =) When I was in 7th grade my friend and me always dreamt of doing some molecular cooking once we saw it on television. Over ten years passed to make this dream come true. I don’t know how, but my friend found a course for that scientific experiment and we knew we HAD to sign up immediately.

Have the courage to ask for a discount

So my first step was to inform myself. I wrote an email to the cooking school and mentioned that I was using a wheelchair. I got a reply telling me that they had stairs, but they would offer me help to get inside. But they also warned me, that the toilet wasn’t wheelchair friendly. Well, I just have to try not to get the urge to go to toilet. So no big drinks! I also asked for a discount, because I was sure, I wouldn’t be able to do much (due to my spastic arm). And often the price of an accompanying person can get cut by doing so. It doesn’t hurt to ask! So I asked and really did got a small discount.

We arrived there and got greeted with some beverages. But somehow it seemed like our registration didn’t worked and we weren’t on the attendee listing. Nonetheless the cooking school let us participate and made it work, so kudos to them for that! After everyone arrived we started with a little introduction with what was going to happen now. I’ll make it short, we got instructions and cooked.

Time for molecular cooking 😀

The special thing was that we used a lot of substances and techniques that would change the actual texture of the food. Every now and then the chef would give instructions to the participating members. We also worked with dry ice, which was quiet spectacular to look at. In groups we prepared the ingredients, but we would finish cooking a course, eat the course and then cook the next course again. And so the evening passed by and after 4 hours and 4 courses we were done. I would not have been able to do much on my own, but because my friend was there, she was able to support me and we mastered the assigned tasks in the kitchen together as a team.

In the end

We were offered the opportunity to write down our emails in order to get the recipes of todays cooked food. Eventually our day ended and I can say that I can check one of the coolest things on my bucket list, “molecular cooking”. Cooking courses may seem uninteresting for someone with physical limitations, but if you enjoy them, you can still try it with a companion!

What I learned:

Molecular cooking could become boring for one or the other if one cannot do much himself. But I still found it great to learn about the processes of these techniques, to cook together with my friend and then enjoy the food myself.

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