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Speedboat and wheelchair? Yes, it's possible!

You want to speedboat, but can not walk? No problem, because that's not an obstacle! That's exactly what I found out today ^^ When I was still in rehab, an activity was suggested to us by the social pedagogue - speedboating! Speed boat? Is that even possible as a wheelchair user? Yes it is! How, I wasn't sure at the time, because I had the...

A Sea Life in Germany

It's weekend and the sun was shining - perfect conditions for a trip, right? ^^ After we had checked out quite a bit of Switzerland, it was time again for a trip in Germany. As you probably know by now, I'm very close to Lake Constance. So I googled for attractions there and found the Sea Life in Constance.

The Stilt houses in Unteruhldingen

Today we will not go on a city trip ^^ Today we will go to Lake Constance, more precisely to the stilt houses. And for those wondering what stilt houses are, here is the definition from Wikipedia: "Stilt houses (also called pile dwellings or lake dwellings) are houses raised on stilts (or piles) over the surface of the soil or a body of water. A Unesco World Heritage Site The pile dwellings...