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Es ist Samstag und die Sonne scheint – das sind doch DIE perfekten Bedingungen für einen Ausflug, oder? ^^ Nachdem wir recht viel in der Schweiz abgeklappert hatten, wurde es mal wieder Zeit für einen Ausflug in Deutschland. Wie ihr mittlerweile wahrscheinlich wisst, war ich ganz nah am Bodensee. Also hab ich immer nach Attraktionen dort gegoogelt und siehe da, das Sea Life Konstanz ploppte auf.

Accompanying person gets free entrance in the Sea Life

The queue seemed a bit long, but after a bit of waiting we were already at the cash register. At Sea Life, the accompanying person does not have to pay if a "B" is recorded in the Disability Card. So we stood there and waited. In small groups we were allowed to enter.

We were greeted with many fish tanks. Although I was in a wheelchair, I could see most of it. The fish tanks were large, rising from the ground and had glass walls. Perfect to observe the marine life. Here at Sea Life Konstanz, there are over 3500 animals distributed in over 35 pools.

The typical underwater tunnel

Of course, the underwater tunnel, which was typical for the Sea Lifes must not be missing. The one here in Konstanz is 8 meters long. And so we could watch rays slipping over the tunnel while many different fishes swirled around.

Gentoo penguins

Another highlight of the Sea Life were the Gentoo penguins. In german they are called donkey penguins, because they sound like donkeys. Another feature of these penguins is that they have a white stripe around their eyes that goes around their heads.

Once we have gone/rolled through the entire building , we reached the exit. As Lake Constance was close by the Sea Life, we relaxed there and enjoyed the view. Oh yes, and for those of you who still like to shop, the Lago (a large shopping center) can be reached in less than 5 minutes. So you have enough other things to do once you are done at Sea Life.

And here's another video 😀

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Things I learned:

1) The accompanying person can get free entrance into the sea life 2) The hightlight of this sea life were the gentoo (pinguins) 3) The sea life is located directly at lake constance
2) Ein Highlight dieses Sea Lifes sind die Eselspinguine = Pinguine, die wie ein Esel klingen
3) Das Sea Life befindet sich direkt am Bodensee

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