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What you can experience in the black forest

I love going on trips! Unfortunately, I can't do this very well on my own, which is why I always need an accompanying person. Thanks to my personal budget, I was able to go exploring on my own, independently of my parents. The personal budget enables a person with disabilities to participate independently in social life. If you have never heard of it before, then you should definitely inform yourself about it (at least in Germany)! But what I would like to get at ... with an assistant I dared an excursion into the Black Forest! o(^.^)o

You can do more at the airport than flying

Did you know that there are airports that offer small bus tours on the airfield? I certainly did not xD But today I could be taught better. I was at Zurich airport with a social pedagogue and other patients from rehab - not to fly somewhere, but for a day trip. Because you can actually buy tickets here for a 75-minute commented tour of the...

Interlaken - between two lakes

It is weekend again and about time for a trip. So, we went for Interlaken. Interlaken is a city in….you guessed right, it is once again in Switzerland xD About the history of Interlaken: Interlaken was called Aarmühle until 1892 and was renamed to its present name. The city lies between two lakes, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, and that is where its name comes from - it is derived from "Inter Lacus", Latin for "between the lakes".

Follow me into the sky

Hi there and welcome to another article of a trip to the ... well, can you guess it right? Yes, it is Switzerland xD Today we went up a mountain and if you now think that you have already read that somewhere already ... then you are right xD I once wrote a report on the Bregenzer Pfänderbahn in Austria, but today everything is about a Swiss suspension railway at Säntis.

Speedboat and wheelchair? Yes, it's possible!

You want to speedboat, but can not walk? No problem, because that's not an obstacle! That's exactly what I found out today ^^ When I was still in rehab, an activity was suggested to us by the social pedagogue - speedboating! Speed boat? Is that even possible as a wheelchair user? Yes it is! How, I wasn't sure at the time, because I had the...

Did you know there are wheelchairs that can climb stairs?

Every 2 years, the fair "Rehab" takes place in Karlsruhe on the topics of rehabilitation, therapy, care and inclusion. As a person with a movement restriction who is dependent on a wheelchair at the moment, this exhibition is just the right thing! Because there are many exhibitors who are eager to present their latest invention and there are enough people who are waiting for exactly such inventions - like me xD

A city called Zug

Hey ho, today will be just a short report ^^ Nice weather gave us the opportunity for a little sightseeing. And you can probably imagine where we went to ^^ Again to Switzerland xD To Zug. The funny thing is that in German “Zug” means “train”.

Do you like old vehicles?

You are interested in old vehicles? Then maybe the technology museum in Sinsheim, which was opened in 1981, is something for you =) Since I completed my education in a technical field, a school trip to the Museum of Technology in Sinsheim was therefore an obvious choice. Already from far away you could see the exhibited airplanes - in front of and around the...

How I ended up on TV

Hi there, everybody =) Did you know that I once shot a TV report? If you think it was a travel report - then I have to disappoint you now xD In fact, it had nothing to do with travelling, but with my apprenticeship in a vocational training center. That's why the report dates back some time, but I just wanted to share my experience with you (even if it has nothing to do with travelling) and give you a look behind the scenes of filming.