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Day 1 - Flying for the first time

O.M.G. is this really happening?! Today is the day I will fly as a "normal" passenger for the first time since my brain hemorrhage. Normal passenger? Yes, because when I was flown back to Germany after my brain hemorrhage (because I was in Australia for vacation), I had to lie down the whole time. Flying lying down is really boring! Well, if...

Preface: My journey to China

Hi there =) As some of you know through my "About Me" page, I am in a wheelchair. But that doesn't stop me from traveling! I just love traveling, it was like that before my brain hemorrhage and it is still like that now. Should you be unsure about traveling, whether in a wheelchair or not, then I would like to help you with this blog....

Help, a huge pikachu!

Yes, you read right and it's not a click-bait! Okay, maybe only 50%...I actually saw a giant Pikachu, but it was made of pumpkins ^^ I was at the 20th "allegedly" world's biggest pumpkin show in the Blooming Baroque. The Blühende Barock is a garden complex around the Residenzschloss in Ludwigsburg in Baden-Württemberg and takes place every year....

What you can experience in the black forest

I love going on trips! Unfortunately, I can't do this very well on my own, which is why I always need an accompanying person. Thanks to my personal budget, I was able to go exploring on my own, independently of my parents. The personal budget enables a person with disabilities to participate independently in social life. If you have never heard of it before, then you should definitely inform yourself about it (at least in Germany)! But what I would like to get at ... with an assistant I dared an excursion into the Black Forest! o(^.^)o

You can do more at the airport than flying

Did you know that there are airports that offer small bus tours on the airfield? I certainly did not xD But today I could be taught better. I was at Zurich airport with a social pedagogue and other patients from rehab - not to fly somewhere, but for a day trip. Because you can actually buy tickets here for a 75-minute commented tour of the...

Interlaken - between two lakes

It is weekend again and about time for a trip. So, we went for Interlaken. Interlaken is a city in….you guessed right, it is once again in Switzerland xD About the history of Interlaken: Interlaken was called Aarmühle until 1892 and was renamed to its present name. The city lies between two lakes, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, and that is where its name comes from - it is derived from "Inter Lacus", Latin for "between the lakes".

Flying high on a suspension railroad

Hi there and welcome to another article of a trip to the ... well, can you guess it right? Yes, it is Switzerland xD Today we went up a mountain and if you now think that you have already read that somewhere already ... then you are right xD I once wrote a report on the Bregenzer Pfänderbahn in Austria, but today everything is about a Swiss suspension railway at Säntis.